EAM Verisae

The efforts to maintain a geological accuracy on your mobile device is not easy especially with the many “pie in the sky” applications in the market today. The challenge is also getting a solution compatible with the best web browsers available. It is therefore imperative to have a web-based application that is cognizant of web browsers without any limitations. This is where the EAM Verisae comes in.

Verisae Enterprise Asset Management is information technology software designed to reassure and give confidence to business so that they can compete favorably in the market. It provides a work order management system to serve as a business enabler for the sole good of businesses.

What does it do?

To be able to survive as well as thrive in an exceedingly competitive and dynamic market, business have to be defined in terms of positioning. This web-based application makes it possible for your business to:

  • Gives you access to many functions

This includes a free automatic malware analysis service designed to ensure that everything works in accordance with your expectations.

  • Unlimited access to SaaS solutions

This is meant to ensure that you are connected to reliable maintenance as well as service networks from every part of the world. This ensures you are able to control assets as well as equipment maintenance, energy usage, mobile workforces, environmental sustainability and even compliance for individual companies in matters utilities, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing and service.

  • Ultra fast access

This comes in the form of load time. The application achieves an ultra fast load time for searched materials thereby an assurance of very fast response.

What sets this mobile application apart?

  • EAM Verisae is compatible with all website browsers
  • Set up is easy with no technical training required
  • Geological accuracy on the device is very accurate
  • Accessibility through the desktop computers and mobile devices alike

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