– Applying for Indigo Platinum Mastercard

Worried about getting a credit card since your credit score is not on par? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as the Indigo Platinum Mastercard is meant just for you. It is a chance for those who have not so good credit scores to get a pre-qualified platinum mastercard and enjoy the perks of being the indigo card holder.

The first step to get this card is to get you prequalified by visiting the Indigocard website. Once your details are verified, you will be sent an email with an invitation number which has to be used for getting the indigo Platinum mastercard.

Getting the Indigo Platinum mastercard

If you have received the invitation number on email from the Indigo card then the steps to get the card dispatched is quite simple.

To start with click on the below link which will directly take you to the page for providing the invitation number.

The below page will get displayed on clicking the link above.

As you can see on this page, there is an option to enter the invitation number which is generally a 12 character long code. This will be available to you on your email.  If you have trouble finding the same you can seek assistance by clicking on the “here” link marked in orange on the right side below the card image.

After entering your invitation number, key in the zip code of your location and click on the “Get Started” tab in orange given below.

After this you will be taken to another page where you would be requested to provide further information about yourself post which it will be confirmed to you on whether the card will be issued. In case you do not qualify for the Indigo platinum mastercard, they will suggest an equally worthy alternative that you can look for.

If you have not received an email offer, on the same page given above, you can click on the “See if you’re pre-qualified” link in orange below the card image to get your credibility checked.

Remember this card is even issued to those who have less than perfect credit which is probably the reason for many to choose this option.

There is an extended warranty coverage, emergency assistance, travel assistance, roadside assistance, etc., without any additional fee. There is of course an annual fee decided based on your credit score and credit history.

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