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Children have the most creative minds amongst us all and what better way to nurture than giving them the opportunity to have their own books. The Studentreasures.com is a forum built for bringing out the creativity in young children, build their self esteem and promote collaboration and team work between them. It is truly an accomplishment to have a book published and having it done at a young age will certainly inspire them.

If you are looking to inspire artistic inclination in your students or your children, then here is a chance to do so with the Studentreasures.com.

Want to book the publishing option then all that you need to do is preorder from Studentreasures.com. The steps are quite simple and are detailed below for your reference.

Preordering the publishing

To start with click on the below link which will take you to the below webpage of the Studentreasures.com.


On this page you can see that there is an option to select the school and the related information from where you are ordering.

You can start by selecting the state, the city where the school is and then the name of the school. Once done, click on the “Choose this school” tab in green at the bottom and you will be taken to the next tab which is for customization.

The above screen will appear for customization and you can choose the preferences according to your needs. And then once done, you can check on the order total on the right side for how much it will cost you.

Once done click on the “continue to Checkout” tab in green and move onto the checkout screen where you have to provide the details for payment and submit.

The company will then forward the necessary materials to you which you can fill up with the content of your students and resend it before the publishing date. The newly published book will be sent to you as per the number of copies you had requested in a few days.

About Studentreasures.com

In an effort to inspire students to write and provide them the opportunity to have hands-on experience in writing, the Studentreasures.com brings an amazing opportunity where the writings of the students are turned into professional books. There is a teacher book which is sent to you for free and you can inform the parents to preorder their student books capturing the creativity of their children.

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