Michaels Employee Schedule – Manage your workforce

Managing your workforce is not an easy endeavor particularly when it comes to a company having an enormous workforce. There are many factors about them that you need to keep track of at all times. The Michael’s Employee Schedule is a remarkable means through which employers can have a real time encounter with their employees, monitoring their experience working for you as well as managing them in the right way.

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EAM Verisae

The efforts to maintain a geological accuracy on your mobile device is not easy especially with the many “pie in the sky” applications in the market today. The challenge is also getting a solution compatible with the best web browsers available. It is therefore imperative to have a web-based application that is cognizant of web browsers without any limitations. This is where the EAM Verisae comes in.

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Churchtrac – Church Management Software

Keep your church records in order with Churchtrac Online

The church has many people coming in and out especially during service days. There are also many activities taking place in the church in a month and even more within a year. Keeping a record of all these people and activities cannot be an easy task. With this remarkable software, keeping track of everything that happens has never been easier.

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Flexernow.com – Login Flexernow

With grabbing blocks becoming more difficult than ever, the amazon flex drivers are in need for some assistance as provided by the Flexer now. Designed to help the Amazon flex drivers, Flexernow.com  offers a whole gamut of products and training services along with information that will assist them in their quest.

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gsrtc.net – locomate | login

GSRTC (Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation) is a state owned passenger transport company that offers bus services within the state of Gujarat and to neighbouring states in the country. It is supported completely with technology to help the passengers have a seamless ticket booking and travel experience. 

Logging into the GSRTC

If you are a passenger who frequently uses the GSRTC services, then you can make use of the gsrtc.net  link to book your tickets or to check the timings of your buses.

If you are already a member in GSRTC, then you can easily login to their website using the following simple steps

  • Login to the GSRTC portal using the link gsrtc.net 
  • Once you click on this link you will find yourself in a webpage that has the input box to provide the username and password. 
  • Enter the username which you had chosen before and also type in the password in the space provided.
  • Once done, click on the blue colored “Login” tab which will take you to your account in the GSRTC website.
  • Now you can use the site to book tickets or check the timing of your buses and so on.

In case you have forgotten your password, you can click on the “Forgot password?” link which will take help you secure a new password to get into your account in the most secure means.

More on GSRTC

With nearly 125 depots spread across 16 divisions, the GSRTC has more than 7500 buses in its fleet. GSRTC is the first in the country to introduce GPS/PIS tracking and information system for all their buses and they have a huge multitude of electronic ticketing machines that passengers can use at their convenience as well. They guarantee improved security with CCTV surveillance in all their depots as well.

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ccbccmycona.com – Computer registration – Coke One

CONA, short for Coke One North America, is the platform which supports the IT side of the bottling business for North American Coca-Cola organisation. The platform helps in unifying the processes, data standards, and solution for both customers and the manufacturing units to help run the business with optimal resources.

Established in the year 2006, the company has been working diligently to improve the standard of processing and data handling for the North American bottling business for Coca-Cola. Their diligence has helped them to strive ahead in the tough times of competition while giving a cutting edge to the parent company.

Computer registration on CONA

If you are part of the organizations that belong to CONA and you want to register your computer with them, then it is quite an easy task to do so. 

  • The link ccbccmycona.com  will take you to the page for registering your computer with CONA
  • Once you click on the link you will be asked to choose the organization you are part of, whether it is CONA or ABARTA or Reyes or Shared services or any other.
  • You can click on the respective organization and then click on the green button marked as “Register”.
  • Then the site will take you to the login page of the organization where you can use your login credentials to access the respective account and other information.

More on CONA

CONA strives to provide a superior experience and a highly innovative digital platform for the bottlers to enable them to perform better and optimise the profitability. CONA works to provide solutions that will improve the quality of business for the bottlers on a daily basis. They treat the bottlers as their equal partners and helps them to lead in the accomplishments of their daily life.

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Mrcpwiz.com – MRCPWiz : Free MRCP MCQs

The MRCP (UK) Diploma and certificate examination is designed to assess the knowledge and the skill level of doctors in training and it is part of the core medical training in UK. 

Given the importance of the examination, it is expected that you have enough practice to finish the requisite criteria for certification. The Mrcpwiz.com helps you make the best out of your MRCP examination by giving you free MCQs that you can practice with.

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telldufry.com – Dufry company

With presence that spans 400 locations across the globe, Dufry is among the world’s largest travel retailers. You are definitely going to pass by their shop either on your arrival or on your departure from many travel destinations in the world. The stores of Dufry include both duty free and duty paid shops along with specialized shops in several categories. 

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