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You may have received notification in the mail regarding a proposed class-action settlement.  This website will explain what the class action is about, what the Settlement will be if it is approved by the United States District Court for the

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To have the check reissued in the name of the heirs or personal representative, you must include documentation from the probate court naming the personal representative and the heirs, or other documentation such as a beneficiary declaration

Chase Bank Credit Card Debt Class Action Settlement | Class Action Rebates

The Settlement Class includes all individuals (i) who maintained a Credit Card Account with CBUSA; (ii) whose account CBUSA charged off and then sold to a Debt Buyer on or after January 1, 2008, and (iii) who post-sale sought and obtained a

File Claim Haynes Settlement Worth $11.5 Million Dollars (Chase Bank) - MyMoneyGoblin

Chase Bank Credit Card Class Action Settlement A class action lawsuit against Chase Bank has been settled for an amazing 11.5 million dollars! HaynesSettlement.com is administered by Rust Consulting I

Chase Bank Credit Card Debt Class Action Settlement | Top Class Actions

Chase Bank has agreed to pay $11.5 million to settle a class action lawsuit alleging the bank harmed credit card accountholders' credit scores and even required them to pay on debts that were discharg

Get a Full Refund Chase Bank Credit Card Debt Class Action Settlement | ClassActionWallet

If you had a credit card from Chase Bank and your debts were discharged in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you could get money from a class action settlement.

www.haynessettlement.com – File Your Claim in the Matter of $11.5 Million Chase Bank Lawsuit - Surveytab

Chase Bank lawsuit is a $11.5 million class action lawsuit filed by Rusty Haynes accusing the bank to have caused harm to its credit card account holders.