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Correct Answer: Why are text messages getting converted to email? - Verizon Community

Correct Answer: Text messages to my cell phone number from certain people are not delivered to my cell phone as texts but are instead converted to

Text to email from @vzwpix.com - Verizon Community

The last few days my husbands text messages come across to my email from  his number @vzwpix.com. How can I stop this from happening? All

i am receiving a lot of emails from vzwpi… - Apple Community

Again are you using Apple's email account? Like icloud or something else like yahoo or gmail? IF that latter those are Apple email account just because you're using the mail app doesn't mean it as an iPhone or Apple issue.

Scam text messages sent to Verizon customers | Local News | greensburgdailynews.com

GREENSBURG – Scam messages have been sent to numerous Verizon Wireless customers claiming that their Pix Place accounts have expired and all data will be deleted if the user doesn’t

What’s this scam? - Straight Dope Message Board

What’s this scam? General Questions

reply to text message (sms) from vzwpix.com has nothing in the body | Thunderbird Support Forum | Mozilla Support

I send an email using, for example, 5551234567@vtext.com. The person receives the message as a text message on their cell phone. That works fine. When they reply, it comes into my inboxas 5551234567@vzwpix.com with no text in the body of the

iMessages sent as e-mails from vzwpix.com? : applehelp

Starting a day or two ago iMessages from a group message of me and my friends have started coming in as e-mails from vzwpix.com. They're to the …