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38561 $%^ Coronavirus: The latest on our response $%^ Sarah Jantz $%^ $%^ 132 $%^ 0 $%^ January 24, 2020 $%^ Updated Mar 5 12:30 p.m. CT. Find all updates on American's response

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12.09.15 - (LAA/LUS) - Overwater Training/Educational Leave/Personal Leave/Premium Economy
January 2016 is the final month for Overwater Training. All active Flight Attendants who have not yet attended Overwater Training should submit a ballot if you desire to have a preference in your training date. If you do not submit a ballot,

American Airlines Employees Will Vote on the Aircraft Paint Job (Or At Least the Tail) - View from the Wing
of American Airlines planes. If they prefer, the airline will go with the old tail icon that had been in place since 1968. If they like the new tail, they can keep it. But the decision needs to be made quickly so they can start painting US

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The airlines of ROBLOX include those in ROBLOX, NationStates, and even those in reality and on other RPG or online computer games. The only reason why ROBLOX was in the name is because most airlines are based on ROBLOX. So there.

AA non rev lounges being closed? | Airline Forum - Air Travel Forum / Flying Forum
Seems like a nice perk!  What were they like?  I'm not the least surprised as DP is sharpening the blade for more stuff im sure.