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When making Ratatouille, the entire crew visited restaurant kitchens in Paris to get an feel for them. Ed Catmull credited these trips with the “obsessive specificity” of the kitchen scenes; the sound of clogs on the tiles, how chefs held their

TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter

TwitLonger is the easy way to post more than 140 characters to Twitter

How to Write Longer Tweets: 7 Easy Methods

Twitter's limit of 280 characters per tweet can be bypassed. Here are several ways to write longer tweets on Twitter.

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UberSocial will keep you up-to-date while you're on-the-go, offering lightning-fast functionality, curated content, customization options and a richer, more user-friendly Twitter experience. The world's most popular full-featured Twitter app

3 Best Tools to Tweet Lengthy Messages on Twitter

A List of Web tools which will let you send tweets in more than 140 character. You can easily send lengthy tweets with one tweet.

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Should Your Business Write Longer Tweets? - Business 2 Community

Last November, Twitter doubled its famous 140-character count, meaning that Twitter users now have the luxury of a full 280 characters in each tweet. At