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Cricket Protect: File a Claim | Protect My Phone | Cricket

If you’ve got Cricket Protect coverage for your phone, find out how to file a claim when something goes wrong.

iPhone Reset Instructions

File a claim for your Cricket phone and you could receive a replacement in 24 hours.

How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Cricket Phone

Find out what to do if your Cricket phone is lost or stolen, and how to file an insurance claim if you can't find it. We also offer same-day phone replacement.

Cricket Protection Center - Asurion

Cricket Protect: Includes Cricket Protect Insurance and Cricket Protect Service Warranty. Cricket Protect Insurance is insurance coverage underwritten by Continental Casualty Company, Chicago, IL, a CNA company (CNA), and administered by Asurion

Cricket Wireless: How to File an Insurance Claim - FairShake

Your options to file an insurance claim for lost, stolen, or damaged devices through Cricket Protect from Cricket Wireless.

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Be Careful with Cricket Handset Protection : CricketWireless

When I purchased my Galaxy S6 from Cricket for $500 back in October I added the Tier 2 handset protection. This service costs $10 per month. Went I …